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HACH LANGE cuvette tests: Minimum amounts of reagents, maximum safety.

LCK333 Nonionic Surfactants cuvette test 0.2-6.0 mg/L

Product ID: LCK333

  • Precise and reliable measurement values
  • Maximum safety for users, thanks to the closed system and low amounts of reagents
  • Convenient and error-free dosing of the reagents
  • Barcode label for automatic recognition in the photometer
  • Differentiation between tests and measuring ranges by means of colour-coding

Pre-dosed reagents for maximum safety. Easy to use and photometric evaluation, packaged in a fully equipped box. Environmentally friendly due to less chemicals.

According to standardDIN 38409-H23-2
Measuring range0.2 - 6.0 mg/L as TRITON x 100
Number of tests25
ParameterSurfactants, nonionic
Storage conditions15 - 25 °C

Data sheet/Brochures

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Colourcode - Cuvettes show their colours
English, English277 KB PDF2005-02-04_logo
LANGE cuvette tests: Insert, read, finish
English, English163 KB PDF2006-08-24_logo


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Programming instruction for CADAS 100 LPG=210, LCK 333 Nonionic surfactants English, English48 KB PDF2002-02-19_logo
Working procedure: LCK333 Nonionic surfactants
Rev. H
French (Belgium), French (Swiss), French, French (Morocco), Dutch (Belgium), Dutch, German (Swiss), German, German, English, English, Italian (Italy)119 KB PDF2013-04-04_logo


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Quality certificate: Technical data for Validation of LCK333 English, English57 KB PDF2013-02-18_logo

Practice Reports

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LANGE cuvette tests used by the professionals for 40 years
English, English1,189 KB PDF2007-09-18_logo
Maximum simplicity and cost savings in analysing surfactants
English, English660 KB PDF2008-10-17_logo


  • available

LYW915 Rack for 16 HACH LANGE round cuvettes or rectangular cuvettes 10 mm

  • available

LS 120 Shaker for surfactant analysis

  • available

LCW919 Blank value cuvette set (Ø 11mm), 5 pcs